Couple couldn't have kids, but then they welcome triplets and twins in less than a year

Andy and Sarah Justice always wanted to start a family of their own. They had no idea that they would soon be parenting five children in just under one year.

According to Kiwi Report, a couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma became desperate after they failed to conceive a baby. They thought about having IVF but had to back out because it was too costly a procedure. Finally, they decided to look into adoption.

The couple soon received the good news that they were matched with a pregnant woman who recently decided to place her baby for adoption once she gave birth.

During the woman’s first ever ultrasound test, Sarah accompanied her and waited impatiently for the first image to appear on the screen.

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It was then that Sarah received her first big surprise. The woman was pregnant but was expecting not just one baby, but three.

The doctors confirmed that the woman was pregnant with triplets, which meant that Sarah and Andy’s dream of having a family of their own was coming to fruition.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born to the women two months prematurely. Each of them weighed only three pounds at the time of their birth. They were placed in the NICU so that their progress could be observed closely by the medical personnel.

However, only a week later, Sarah was about to receive her second big surprise. This followed when she suddenly began feeling a little unwell and scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

After a short diagnosis, she ended up getting an ultrasound for herself that day. Surprisingly, Sarah was announced pregnant.

A couple of months after her first ultrasound, Sarah went in for her next sonogram. This time, she received her third and probably the biggest surprise of all.

Ultrasound showed that she was pregnant with not just one child but with two – one boy, and the other a girl.

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