July 18, 2018

6 weeks after mom gave birth to baby girl, scans revealed she was pregnant with twins

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Eliza Curby gave birth to a healthy girl. Six weeks later, she found out she was pregnant again.

The Australian mother, 27, got pregnant again with identical twins six weeks after giving birth in January 2016. She told news.com.au that she still can't believe it.

Eliza and Ben Curby, from Sydney, had their first child, Charlie, in early 2016.

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Eliza became pregnant just three months after she started dating Ben, who had always wanted to be a father



After Charlie was born, she felt a little off. Though everyone told her it was sleep deprivation catching up with her, she thought about something else.

The first time mother said that her mother even told her it takes six full weeks to come up for air. But for her, it felt like more than that.

“I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted," she explained.


Eliza went on to say that she remembered looking at Ben and said, "I think I’m pregnant."

Still not convinced, she decided to take a pregnancy test. At first, it was negative. However, after the fourth test, her pregnancy was confirmed.


That time, it was different than her last. When the ultrasound tech told her that she’s going to have twins, she said that she was terrified by the news but excited at the same time.

Eliza even googled 'three under one,' but she wasn't able to find any results.

Ben wanted to have two children, while Eliza has always been set on having as many children as she can.

She said that nothing excites her more than the thought of walking through their local streets with her own little clan.

In December 2016, baby boys, Jack and Wolfe, came out into the world.