'West Wing' cast and creator hints at possible series reboot

The main cast and creator recently met for dinner, fueling speculations about the return of the series.

Actor Joshua Malina has just put the rumor mills into overdrive after a small but explosive Twitter post. Malina posted a photo of him and his former cast mates from the crowd-favorite yesteryear TV show West Wing, and captioned it “Talking reboot.” 

In his post, Malina can be seen enjoying dinner with Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney. The picture also contained show creator Aaron Sorkin, which has strengthened the idea of a reboot was a serious one.

Back in 2017, Sorkin revealed that he had been developing a reboot for the political drama. He claimed that NBC had given him a 'standing offer' for reviving the series. The network has not confirmed the story yet.

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Sorkin went on to say that he had some casting choices for this reboot, mentioning Sterling K Brown as a viable candidate to play the new president.

He said that Martin Sheen, who played the president in the original show, could come back as an advisor to the new president, like how Clinton used to take advice from Nixon, while in the office.

For his part, Sheen did respond in a later interview saying he had full faith in Sorkin selection, while Brown tweeted that he would be honored to be a part of the show.

It seems safe to say that Sorkin has been planning the reboot for quite some time.

Although, previously, any reference of the show's return was just for the gossip mills, this get-together has made it quite clear that some wheels may already be churning to put the plan into action.

It remains to be seen who will be the new members to join the cast, and how many of the old ones will return. Malina may very well be available for the show, as his current series Scandal just wrapped its final season this year.

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