July 17, 2018

Princess Charlotte's pose steals the show in latest official photos

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Family portraits were arranged to remember Prince Louis' christening, but his older sister Charlotte commanded all the attention instead!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have since released the images, and it was shared on their official Instagram account and other social media platforms.

The set of four photos show the regal family-of-five posing with other members of the Royal family. Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry and Meghan can be seen in one of the images too. 

As reported by People, the official portraits were released over the weekend after photographer Matt Holyoak snapped them in Clarence House's Morning room. Read more on our Twitter, @amomama_usa.



All eyes were on the 3-year-old Princess Charlotte who sat next to her mother. She was wearing a white dress with a blue print and held her brother's hand. 

Not to be outdone, Prince George looked adorable on his father's lap. He was dressed in a white shirt with blue trim and his signature shorts and black shoes. 

In another photo showing only the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, Princess Charlotte poses in a defiant stance while smiling ever so sweetly at the camera.


The set of two photos gained a ton of attention from their 6.4 million followers with over 3.4 million combined likes in addition to 18,000-plus comments from adoring fans. 

Sam DuPlak asked: 'Why are they so perfect,' and tagged several of her friends as well, while Heather Janet Hamilton Neilson said she love Charlotte because 'she's a hoot.' 

A user known only as Tony said it's a 'beautifully candid family, just divine' while Virginia Eatchel said Princess Charlotte's 'spunky personality is shining through.' She added: 'You go, girl!

Bettina Berry said the Royal family is an example to many and she wishes there were more people who displayed similar qualities. 'Frightfully young, elegant and happy,' she remarked.