Siblings sing a beautiful song but little brother behind them steals the show

Siblings, Kate and Liam, sing a heartbreaking duet, only to be ‘video-bombed’ by their little brother who lurks behind their backs with his funny antics.

The children’s mother captured all the action on the camera and shared it on YouTube on December 16, 2012.

Every family boasts of that “clown” who can make everyone laugh. Everything is fun for them, and they never lose a chance to find the hilarity in any scenario.

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The video showed how important it is to have a funny member in the family, and how such members can make life a lot of fun to live.

This video is about two siblings – Kate and Liam. They were keen to practice and record their duet song Think About You.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Their mother very graciously decided to record their duet so that they could see how the two performed.

The pair decided to record their song in one of the bedrooms. Their younger sister was trying to sleep in the same room where they were filming the video. 

A few moments after they started singing, something funny happened. A little boy tiptoed into the room and was soon seen in the frame. It was Johnny, their younger brother.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Johnny was not willing to remain a silent spectator and decided to video bomb the performance of his siblings.

As Kate and Liam continued to sing oblivious to the fact, Johnny decided to do an impromptu dance and started mimicking the words of the song. He did not stop at that. He went all out and gave his own funny performance. 

Their mother continued recording the video without giving away what was happening behind the two singers. She must have kept a straight face and controlled her laughter.

The footage filmed is unforgettable. The family is sure to laugh on seeing it, for years to come. Their little sister kept smiling but did not utter a word to break or disturb the performance. 

The family is lucky to have Johnny to prance around and make them laugh with his silly antics. 

After Kate and Liam watched the video, they were probably furious, but may have soon ended up laughing at their brother’s hilarious dance. 

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