Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts visit their 16-year-old son at summer camp

The 63-year-old Today weatherman Al Roker and journalist Deborah Roberts appreciates every milestone their son reaches and visited him at summer camp.

Roberts shared the family photo with her nearly 24,000 Instagram followers and wrote in the caption: 'Camp visiting day! Did Nick grow more??!!' She also used the hashtags 'happy' and 'sigh.' 

Roberts is an ABC News Network correspondent and the author of Been There, Done That Family Wisdom For Modern Times.

As reported by People, the 16-year-old Nick struggled with developmental delays from early on and couldn't walk or talk by the time he turned 3. 

“It was pretty apparent that he was facing some challenges, and we weren’t sure what his world and what our future would be.”

Deborah Roberts, People, March 9, 2018. 

Their son beat the odds, excelled at school and did "all those things that we dreamed and hoped he would do even with all his challenges," she added. 

One of Nick's milestones was becoming a black belt in Taekwondo three years ago, and his parents believe that when someone is presented with encouragement and opportunity, a person can "exceed beyond our wildest dreams." 

The family is now ready for another, bigger battle: to tackle the stigma that is associated with developmental delays and break them down, Today reported. 

They hope that by sharing their stories and experiences, they can inspire other people to provide the same level as opportunity and encouragement that helped their son thrive. 

Roker added that the President's comments did more damage than good and said that "there's been a lot of talk about building walls," but he believes that we "have to tear down those walls [and] make them nice."

As reported by the Daily Mail, Nick also has an older sister, the 20-year-old Leila. 

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