Tiny and T.I.'s daughter Heiress dances and sings at her own 'show' in recent video

The 43-year-old singer and songwriter, Tiny Harris, shared an adorable photo of her daughter Heiress on social media and her fans are losing their minds. 

In the video clip shared on Thursday, Heiress sings and dance on stage while her brother cheers her one. She wrote in the caption that King decided Heiress should put on a show.

Tiny tagged both King and Heiress in the post, and used the hashtags 'never know what my bunch will be up to next,' 'my family hustles,' and 'memory lanes.'

'She’s his artist! Look how invested he is thru the whole show to pump her up! She was a hit to the crowd.'

Tameka Tiny Harris, Instagram/majorgirl, July 18, 2018.

The set of three videos gained a ton of attention from Tiny's 4.9  followers with more than 157,000 likes in addition to 4,800 comments within just 24 hours of sharing. 

Her fans rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts. An Instagram user known as K.C said Heiress 'really is the boss,' while Sunya added that a 'star is born.' 

Agnie Marie said it is beyond adorable, and she likes to music too, while a user known only as Caramel Queen noted that Heiress would follow in her mother's footstep and pursue a singing career. 

King also got some of the fans' attention for helping his sister, and Renee believes that he will be a great director one day. 

As reported by Celebrity Insider, the 2-year-old Heiress is already a businesswoman with her own nail polish line; with the help of her mother of course. 

It's called The Royal and Tiny revealed it a week ago, saying on Instagram that 'the newest hustler of the family' has partnered with Piggy Paint. 

The brand is non-toxic and safe for children and will be available in stores soon. Tiny added the hashtag 'PS she picks the 3 colors out herself.'

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