Grace Gealey steals hearts with touching tribute to husband Trai Byers on his 35th birthday

Actress Grace Gealey, best known as Anika Calhoun in Empire, took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband, as well as a sweet message, on his 35th birthday.

In the image, uploaded on July 19, Trai Byers was displayed wearing white shoes, tight black sweatpants, and a sleeveless Under Armour top in the middle of a training session.

Even though the photo was an important part of the post, the highlight was the message that the actress wrote in the caption. She revealed that Trai always gives her his last bite, lets her steal the sheets, and slow dances with her in their living room.

‘[He] holds me when there’s turbulence. Kisses me awake each morning. Makes me laugh until I cry. Listens to me talk for hours. Loves the holidays as much as I do. Rubs my feet after a long day,’ added Grace.

The actress kept saying several things that her husband does for her as a way to praise and thank him for being such a great partner. Later, Grace added that Trai’s heart was irreplaceable, his presence was undeniable, his light inextinguishable, and so on.

Finally, the woman thanked God for ‘meticulously crafting’ her husband 35 years ago. Grace ended her message wishing him a happy birthday and pointed out that even though it was his natal day, she was the one getting the gift.

As soon as she shared that photo, her fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them was Instagram user @brooklyngyrl22 who pointed out that it was a beautiful tribute to Trai.

Celebritist previously reported that the couple first met in the set of Empire and, little by little, their love story began flourishing. Only one year after that, they got married in a private ceremony at Grand Cayman Island.

As a way to honor his wife in their second wedding anniversary, Trai uploaded a photo wherein the caption was the highlight. In it, he admitted to decided he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life form the moment he was ‘caught’ in her eyes.

‘I remember watching you dance the Bachata, and thinking I want to be the man you dance with. I remember sitting next to you at the Selma premiere, I was so nervous and I wanted to impress you,’ said Trai.

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