July 23, 2018

Omarion's ex Apryl Jones shares photo of their long-haired son & daughter in T-shirts and shorts

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The reality tv personality has been trying to make it in her own right as a musician for many years, but finally gained fame on television and for who she dated. 

Apryl Jones rocketed to fame on VH1's series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2014, making a total 27 appearances. At the time, she was dating musician Omarion Grandberry. While they've since broken up, they have two children together. 

The former couple dated from 2011 until 2016, and in that time welcomed a son and a daughter. Megaa Omari and A’mei Kazuko are 3 and 2 years old respectively. 

Jones capitalized on the fame she earned from her brief stint on the reality television show, and now has 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account. There, she continues to share adorable photos of her little ones whenever she can. 



"This bond....these two....this love they share....is the most amazing gift in my life..." she captioned a recent image of her little ones, along with a heart emoji. 

In the image, A'mei stood against a way, wearing a white top with spaghetti straps and a pair of denim shorts. Her big brother stood in front of her, holding her head back gently, wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. 

While A'mei had the top pieces of her hair tied in a top knot on her head, Megaa had a long braid hanging down his back, with loose strands hanging about his cheeks. 


After years of searching for fame through her musical ambitions, a failed girl group from her home town and an early drop-out on American Idol, Jones finally got the fame she had so coveted when she and Grandberry started dating. 

Although she only appeared in a number of episodes, she made sure she continued to remain in the public eye through her co-parenting with her ex, and through her social media accounts. 

The beauty started promoting her wine business (Apryl Wines) and now has contracts with everyone from shoe distributors, diet tea, and clothing brands. 


A'mei was just 4 months old when her parents called it quits. By that time, the couple had already been engaged for 2 years, with no sign of a wedding anywhere on the horizon. 

Since their split, they have been co-parenting their children, although in March 2018 it seemed as though Jones was dropping hints that Grandberry wasn't exactly doing a stunning job of it.