July 30, 2018

Cardi B shows off newborn daughter's gilded baby crib with a crown

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The popular rapper became a mother for the first time in July when she gave birth to a baby girl by her husband. Since then, she's shared plenty of thanks for the support from her fans, but not yet any photos of her daughter. 

Cardi B gave birth to her first daughter with husband Offset on July 10, and the baby is sleeping like a real princess in possibly the most beautiful crib to ever exist. She shared a video with followers showing off the crib that was a gift from a fellow rapper friend.

The Bodak Yellow rapper became a mother less than 3 weeks ago, and while she assured fans that she and the baby are doing well, the rapper has also been very honest about how tiresome motherhood can be. 



Baby Kulture has been spoiled rotten with gifts from family and friends, and while Cardi was particularly excited about some Chipotle coupons she got, one of the most unique gifts has to be the beautiful ornamental crib she received. 

She shared a video clip to her Instagram account, showing off the lovely piece of furniture that was gifted to her daughter, and profusely thanking her friend for the generous present. 


In a video shared to her Instagram, the 25-year-old showed off the beautiful white and gold round piece adorned with white tulle, a gold crown on top and a white and gold polka dot mattress.

The beautiful piece of furniture featured filigree decor around the base, that was accented with soft gold paint. It also had a white and gold polka dot mattress inside for the little girl to rest on. 

Kapesh Designs made the customized crib by request of rapper PreMadonna, who’s a friend of the couple. 


“I didn’t want to set the crib up until we moved to our official home but Offset set it up while I was in the hospital and it’s just so gorgeous,” said the new mom of her hands-on husband in the video footage. 

Cardi also received a matching bassinet, which she also showed in the video while whispering that her baby was sleeping. The bassinet also had plenty of white tulle, and featured a diamante encrusted ribbon and bow tied around it. 


On Tuesday, the Grammy Award-nominated rapper opened up about her first days as a mom, as she expressed her gratitude for her family, especially her mom and sister, for not leaving her side after baby Kulture was born. 

“I'm a very blessed person. I know y'all see all the blessings that God be giving me in my life, but one thing is that I’ve been blessed since birth. I've been blessed since I came out of my mom's vagina because of my parents. Those are my biggest blessings, and I’m so thankful, and I'm so grateful for them,” she said.  


Cardi also explained that her father had been a great help these days running errands for her around New York as she wants to stay by her baby’s side while learning how to be a mom.

“I have not gotten a nanny yet,” she added. “I just want to learn how to be a mom. I want to enjoy every single second of it since I’m going back to work.” 

Despite giving birth within the last month, the rapper seems as though she's slimmed down from her baby weight almost completely already. 


In a photo shared to her Instagram account where she's seated on the hood of a baby blue Lamborghini, her middle looks back to its normal pre-baby size. 

She wore a near-sheer white long sleeve shirt with a low cut neckline, and a pair of full-length maroon trousers with a pair of pink and silver sneakers. 

"Blessed & Gifted Official Lamb owners @offsetyrn #aventador#His&Hers #kultureparents," she wrote in the caption of the shot.

Her husband was seated on the hood of a lime green Lamborghini of his own next to hers.