Donald Trump Jr. posted a picture of 9-year old son holding a gun

The POTUS's son's latest social media update created polarizing views and received numerous comments and opinions about gun safety.

Donald Trump Jr. recently posted a picture on Instagram of his 9-year-old son, Donnie, who is officially named Trump III, holding a double-barreled shotgun.

Trump Jr. said that snapshot was taken during a duck-hunting trip when he and his son, whom he referred to as the 'best hunting buddy out there,' went to Texas last season.

He also encouraged parents to take their own children for hunting trips. The photo has gathered over 32k likes on Instagram within a short time of posting it.

The photo has sparked a debate about gun safety around children with people on both sides of the debate.

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A few people lashed out at Trump Jr. for giving a gun to a 9-year-old while others commended him for teaching his son gun safety at an early age.

One user, Isabel, expressed her sadness over the photo. She said that Don Jr's son was better off playing other sports instead of learning how to kill.

Another user, Cathy, said that it was better for children to learn about gun safety at a very young age. She explained that learning to handle a gun instills respect and discipline in children.

Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Trump often posts pictures of his five children with his ex-wife Vanessa Trump.

A few weeks ago, the 40-year-old was under fire after he posted a picture of his 6-year-old son, Tristan playing with a bow and arrow which started a concern about child safety.

Don Jr. doesn't just hunt ducks. He and his brother Eric went to Africa in 2012 for a big-game hunting trip which met a heavy backlash when photos of the brothers posing with dead bodies of an elephant, a crocodile, and a leopard came out.

The brothers issued a statement at the time stating that they are both avid outdoorsmen and were brought up hunting and fishing with their grandfather who taught them that nothing should ever be taken for granted or wasted.

As reported by E-News, The brothers added that they have the utmost respect for nature and that they have always hunted in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

They explained that all meat was donated to the local villagers who were incredibly grateful. The statement ended by saying that the brothers loved traveling and being in the woods. 

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