Malcolm-Jamal Warner gives a glimpse of his little daughter in onesie that reveals his hobby

Jul 31, 2018
10:08 P.M.
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The American actor, musician, director, producer, writer, and consultant is also a proud father of a beautiful baby girl, with whom he appears to have a very special father-daughter bond. 


Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who is best known for his role as Theo Huxtable in The Cosby Show, now has a completely different role at home, after he and his girlfriend welcomed a sweet little girl into their lives in May 2017.

Since then, the actor has taken to fatherhood with aplomb, and although he hasn't shared his daughter's name, shares plenty of photos of her. 

He recently took to his Instagram account to share a photograph of her in an adorable babygrow, but the babygrow may have been more for Warner's benefit than his little girl's! 


In the image, he was holding the tot up from under her armpits, and showing off her front to the camera. The black onesie, which has an orange trim, read "my daddy rides a Harley" in silver, with a silver image of a motorcycle in the center. 

Warner was standing behind his daughter in the shot, with nothing but a grey t-shirt visible from him. 

"ALL. DAY. Vroom-Vroom..." he captioned the cheeky image. 


Another recent post showed him dancing around the couple's living room carrying his 14-month-old daughter.

The little toddler was wearing nothing but her diaper, and dad seemed to be close to matching in his underwear and a long-sleeved maroon shirt. He sand along to the tune playing as he danced with her. 

"Our livingroom is no stranger to mommy-daddy-daughter dance parties. Top picks are Itsy Bitsy Spider by Go Fish (Party Like A Preschooler, that joint goes hard) and Mi Gente by @jbalvin(gotta feed that boriqua blood)," he wrote in the caption. 

He continued, sharing that they had all just woken up from a nap, and while he had wanted to do some cleaning, his little girl just wanted attention. 


To date, the post has over 125,000 likes, with plenty of comments gushing about how beautiful the pair looks. 


"She wanted to be held in a low key whiney 14 month old way. For a brief moment I felt myself getting low key frustrated. But then I stopped what I was doing bc she didn't care about a messy kitchen. All she wanted was for her daddy to hold her. Something that simple makes my daughter happy. Something THAT simple. And it was a moment I didn't want to take for granted," he continued. 

The actor has kept his private life very private since the highly publicized death of his girlfriend Michelle Thomas in 1998, and has not shared the name of his baby girl or her mother, but has stated that they are very much in love. 

He also hasn't shared photos or videos of the little girl's face, giving her the best chance of some privacy from the prying public eyes. 

At 47 years old, this is Warner's first child after a string of failed celebrity relationships. Despite being a bit of a late bloomer, Warner adores being a father, and loves his little girl endlessly.