Meghan Markle's dad claims she got 'her attitude from her mother' Doria Ragland

After a streak of controversial interviews, Thomas Markle has yet again spoken up about his daughter Meghan, this time involving her mother Doria. 

Earlier this week, you heard from us at Celebritist that Thomas Markle has undergone a nine-hour long interview in the span of three days just to share how hurt he was with how his daughter Meghan was acting. During the interview, Meghan's estranged father has expressed his disappointment at how she has decided to cut him off from her life because of the Royal family. 

Now, Daily Mail UK released new information regarding another Thomas Markle interview, saying that his daughter inherited her wilful streak from her mother, Doria.

"Meghan got her attitude from her mother. Doria always told Meghan: 'If they're not doing anything for you, why should you do anything for them?'"

Doria Ragland has impressed the public with her display of quiet dignity at Meghan and Harry's wedding last May, so Mr. Markle's blast of his ex-wife is most definitely not going to win him any support in Britain. Unlike members of the Markle family, she has kept her silence and has declined to speak publicly about anything. Meanwhile, Thomas has been throwing interviews here and there, even asking his daughter to set aside criticism she has been hearing from her half-sister Samantha, and respond with compassion. 

In one particular outburst, the publication recalls how Samantha criticized Harry and Meghan for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and not their own father. On Twitter, she wrote:

In her now-private Twitter account, she has been sharing opinions on the article and commentaries about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Despite this, Thomas insists that his daughter could've talked well about her half-sister if only Meghan decided to share just a few kind words. 

"Meghan could have won Samantha over with just a few kind words and Samantha would have praised Meghan for all her days. Instead, Meghan turned her back on Samantha and now Samantha won’t stop talking negatively about Meghan."

Given Thomas' constant streak with the press, it is quite puzzling if he has been doing this to anger the Royal Family or to gain the attention of his daughter whom he has no means of contacting. Regardless, his behavior has definitely been angering not just the palace, but people from around the world, and does not help improve his position in Meghan's life. 

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