People: The Queen reportedly wants great-grandchildren to stay 'out of the limelight'

As the eldest of her great-grandchildren turned five years old, the royal family is supposedly not giving him any special treatment.

Prince George turned five this year, and the fans of the Royal Family are already going crazy over the little boy.

Though he does not make any big public appearances, he is with his parents anytime there is a major royal celebration. For instance, Prince Harry's wedding this summer.

However, the Queen and the royal family have other ideas about his upbringing. It is common knowledge that Prince George is third in line for the throne, after his grandfather, Prince Charles, and father Prince William.

However, sources say that Prince George is as of yet not aware of this fact, and the royal family would like to keep it that way, according to People Magazine.

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According to the report, the Queen wants her great-grandchildren to stay out of the limelight for as long as possible, and enjoy a simple, normal upbringing. She believes that it is not correct to give the royal kids 'too much, too early.'

Prince William, was only eight years old when he made his first public appearance, with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, back in the '90s.

So he believes that there are still a few years of normalcy left for Prince George, that he believes he should enjoy to the maximum.

Former Headmaster of the school Ben Thomas said that the aim of the school is to provide a safe and secure and happy environment for the young prince, but not giving him any special importance.

Prince George, who is very shy by nature, usually travels very close to his father and hides behind him during most public appearances.

He is part of a public school called Thomas Battersea, where he is called George Cambridge.

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