Conde Nast CEO speaks out about rumors that Anna Wintour is leaving Vogue after 30 years

Speculations about Anna Wintour leaving Vogue have been clarified by the Conde Nast CEO.

Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Wintour will not be leaving her post anytime soon as revealed by the publisher, Conde Nast, revealed on Twitter in a statement.

Reports revealed that rumors surfaced about Wintour planning to quit her job, which she has had for three decades now.

Conde Nast Chief Executive Bob Sauerberg made efforts to address the speculations and finally put an end to it.

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In a brief statement, Sauerberg expressed on the company’s Twitter page that Wintour plays a key role in Vogue and it is highly unlikely for her to walk away.

‘Anna Wintour is an incredibly talented and creative leader whose influence is beyond measure. She is integral to the future of our company's transformation and has agreed to work with me indefinitely in her role as @voguemagazine editor-in-chief and artistic director of Conde Nast.’

Bob Sauerberg, Twitter, July 31, 2018

68-year-old Wintour has been Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief since 1988. Through the years, she has built a name for herself and is considered as one of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry.

In 2013, Wintour – who was born in London - was promoted as the artistic director of Conde Nast, which is Vogue ’s publisher.

She is known for her distinct look. Wintour can often be seen with her signature huge sunglasses and her pageboy haircut.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

She is also famous for always maintaining an aloof composure in public.

Wintour has made such an impact in the fashion world that being inside her circle is a very big deal. Getting her approval is considered a success for many people in the industry.

With her work ethic and her personality, Wintour is thought of as the inspiration for a character in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, released in 2006.

The movie featured Meryl Streep where she played a strict and meticulous magazine editor.

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