Poor teen ditched by so-called 'friends' on prom night gets a second chance

Aug 03, 2018
02:58 A.M.

A group of band members came together to throw a fake prom night for Jackson Loop after they knew about how his own friends ditched him during their real prom night.


The story was shared by Jackson’s emotionally overwhelmed mother, Sheila Loop, through an email to John Richards of the Morning Show with John Richards that airs on radio KEXP.

In her note, Sheila explained how her son had always felt like an outcast among his friends and the people his age. However, he found some kind of kinship among the band students.

As his closest friends, the senior students from the band were supposed to meet up before the dance to take group photographs.


Jackson was so eager and excited about the whole thing that he bought a brand-new custom-tailored suit and looked his absolute best self for the big day.

But on the day of the prom, just a few hours before the scheduled time, Jackson received a text from one of his friends informing him that the pre-prom photography plan was canceled. They also told him that they would pick him up at his house to go straight for the dance.

Jackson waited as the hours passed by. His friends never showed up. They also stopped responding to his calls and texts. Eventually, no one even came to pick him up. He realized that he was ditched by his friends.

However, only a few days after this heartbreaking incident, something surprising happened which gave Jackson a renewed belief that there still is good in the world.


Another group of band students, who were junior to Jackson, came to know about what the senior band members had done.

They decided to minimize the damage and planned a ‘fake prom’ just to honor Jackson. They brought in Sheila as well in the plan and asked her to bring Jackson to a location by telling him that they were going to a friend’s house for Memorial Day Celebration.

Jackson was absolutely stunned by the kind gesture shown by the junior band students.

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