Man transforms three shipping containers into stunning self-sufficient home

Joseph Dupuis created a self-sufficient home in a secluded woodland area using three shipping containers, which he purchased for 3,400 Canadian dollars each.

Dupuis, who was conducting a renewable energy research at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, built the cabin out of the three shipping containers from Asia. They were supposedly used to bring goods to North America.

Built on his family’s land, Dupuis – an engineer and entrepreneur – placed solar panels on the roof of his workshop close to his home.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, he revealed the most expensive bill he spent during his stay at the cabin was for his phone.

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Dupuis lived for two years inside the cabin and has moved closer to Ottawa since. He said at the time of the interview that he will continue to add new features for the home.

He said that he was going to add a fourth container as a second-floor bedroom with a glass ceiling, which is perfect for stargazing in the middle of the woods.

Dupuis said, “When I'm done with it, it will blow people's minds.”

A photographer named Japhet Alvarez exclaimed that he was surprised at seeing the cabin, which cost less than $20,000 in construction.

He said it looked normal from a distance, but once he stepped foot inside and saw the interior, he was stunned.

Aside from its environment-friendly feature, Dupuis placed heating and cooling systems for the changing seasons in Canada.

Admiring his masterpiece, he said, “It's like a giant science experiment so I'm observing and making modifications.”

For his workshop, the engineer also used two other containers and built it close to the cabin.

Dupuis built his home in 2015 and since then, tiny houses had become a trend. Many of these types of houses had gained attention on the internet for their unique stories on how they were made and also for their distinct features.

One woman became viral after she decided to build a tiny house after she lost two of her homes after her divorce.

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