August 07, 2018

Donald Trump says Queen Elizabeth II kept him waiting

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Donald Trump rejected claims that he made Queen Elizabeth wait for 15 minutes during their meet. He said the Queen was late for the meeting.

During his Pennsylvania rally on Thursday night, President Donald Trump called the press "fake, fake, disgusting news" and said that they lied about him being late during his July visit with the Queen.

Trump claimed that he was early for the meeting and the Queen kept him waiting. He said that it was alright for him to wait for Her Majesty.

He even claimed that his conversation over tea with Elizabeth was supposed to last only for 15 minutes but it got stretched to over an hour because they managed to build a good rapport with each other.


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"And I didn't know this - it was supposed to last for 15 minutes but it lasted for like an hour because we got along! We got along. And she liked our first lady and our first lady liked her.”

Donald Trump, Pennsylvania, August 2, 2018


Trump said that he and the Queen had "good chemistry" and "got along fantastically" when he met her during his trip to the United Kingdom in July.

As reported by the Telegraph, video footage suggested that Trump was late for the meeting as the Queen was captured checking her watch and discussing with her aides.


Trump clarified the speculations and gave his perspective on the story; in which he was 15 minutes early to the meeting and was waiting to meet her. 

The 72-year-old said that his meeting with the Queen was a beautiful visit and afternoon. He pointed out at the media and said that they could make anything look bad because they were the "fake news."


Trump used the rally, which was meant to promote Senate candidate Lou Barletta, to point out other instances where he felt that the media was not up to the mark while covering his European trip.

He said that the media's criticism about his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attendance at a NATO gathering in Brussels did not give the complete picture to the public.

His speech at the rally was another instance where President Trump called out the media in front of his fervent supporters.