Grieving father opens his 'dead baby's' coffin to find a doll inside

Aug 09, 2018
11:05 A.M.

A woman allegedly faked being pregnant to make her partner stay and claimed that the baby died at birth. When the father’s friend’s dug up the grave, they found a doll inside.


The father, Melvin Mendoza, was distraught when he found out his newborn didn’t make it. Rose Castellanos Diaz reportedly faked her pregnancy for nine months and pretended to have twins.

The Daily Mail revealed that she tricked her family into believing that she gave birth to the twins before one of the babies allegedly died.

According to reports, Diaz’s motives were for her partner to stay and not leave her.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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It even came to the point that Diaz arranged a fake funeral at their graveyard. Their friends and family grieved and took turns in carrying the empty coffin. Mendoza was reportedly distraught and had to be supported by his friends.


The day after the funeral, Mendoza’s friends started double-guessing Diaz’s story.

They decided to dig up the coffin on the same night. To their surprise, they found a plastic doll inside dressed in baby clothes.

According to reports, Diaz made her friends and family believe that she was pregnant and spent nine months pretending she was. After an ultrasound scan, she revealed she was expecting twins.

When it was time for her supposed due date, she left her home and rode a bus to Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital.


She told her family that she was going to give birth to her babies at the city’s Escuela Hospital.

During that night, Diaz allegedly called Mendoza and informed her that one of the twins passed away during delivery.

Mendoza, who is a member of the Honduran Armed Forces, was devastated.

Following their custom, Mendoza organized the wake and waited for Diaz to arrive with the dead baby.

When she arrived, Diaz was carrying a small white coffin. She told everyone not to open the coffin since the hospital sealed it and instructed her never to open the coffin.


As for the other twin, Diaz said that she left the baby at the hospital’s nursery.

Mendoza’s friends never believed Diaz’s story and went on to take out the coffin from the grave. As soon as they found out there was no baby, they reported the incident to the police.

Mendoza was shocked and angered by Diaz’s actions. Still, in spite of her wrongdoing, Mendoza decided not to press charges against her.

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