Kim Kardashian melts hearts with throwback picture of daughter North in white dress

Kim Kardashian reveals her special bond with her daughter North as she shares a throwback photo of them while proclaiming her as her "baby" for always.

It’s been five years since Kim Kardashian gave birth to her eldest daughter, North, and though she’s had two more children since, she maintains North “will always be my baby.”

The 37-year-old reality star waxed nostalgic this week when she shared a heartwarming throwback photo of her and North when she was still months-old. Kim in a white dress was lying on a carpet on the floor as she held up North and attempted to kiss to her. The touching scene appeared to have been taken during her bridal shower barely a year after North’s birth. 

“My baby North, you were so small here! You will always be my baby,” the gushing mother wrote proving her love for her eldest is strong. 

Kim has always been very vocal about her special bond with her five-year-old she often refers to as her best friend. North has been featured in many of Kim’s social media posts revealing how attached to the hip they both are. Just take a look at some of these snaps. 

Last week, Kim opened up about her daughter during an interview on Big Boy on Real 29.3. She recalled one of her cute conversations with North who asked her, 

“Mom, why are you famous?”

Kim knew she had to give an explanation immediately which she did and said,

“I'm like, ‘We have a TV show.’ And she was like, "Oh, okay."

Kim was also asked about North’s piggy bank and if she had more money than the show’s hosts to which she shortly replied,

“North is good.”

North has been part of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ since her birth which makes her a star in her own right. Because of her popularity, she’s already debuted as a model along with her mother and her grandmother, Kris Jenner lending their image to Fendi’s ‘#MeandMyPeekabo’ campaign. 

North also recently joined her mother as her date to Beautycon. She twinned with her mother wearing black and sporting the same hairstyle. North also helped out in sampling Kim’s latest Kimoji perfume at the event. 

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