Nosy bird photobombs newscaster during live broadcast (video)

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 17, 2018
12:49 P.M.
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Earlier this year, KTVU staff was taken aback when a friendly visitor decided to pop its head right in front of the news station's camera during a weather report. Mark Tamayo did some quick thinking when was forced to pause his segment for the curious bird. 


The clip shows how the station switched to a view overseeing the Marin Headlands in San Francisco. As Tamayo began to point out an apparent overcast, an inquisitive bird appeared to have just discovered the lens. His head, which seemed massive against the background, appeared at the top of the screen behind Tamayo.

Tamayo showed a slightly delayed reaction due to the interruption, then calmly exclaimed:

"Look at this!"

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The news station workers were all quite welcoming of the black-feathered bird. Tamayo simply requested extra time from his producer Chris Clough, which he is granted. 

Clough later explained:

"We were all so shocked in the control room, everyone thought the bird would hang around, I was like 'take as much time as you need.' "

Quickly enough though, the bird finishes its camera debut and exits the scene, satisfied with its inspection. Tamayo was quick to post the quirky incident to his Instagram not long after.


Tamayo explained that it was not the first time he had been surprised by one of the flying creatures. Some months before, Tamayo was left rattled when a bird entered his shot.

This time, he determined to keep his composure. He let the bird take center stage, even noting how: 

"The bird didn't seem shy at all - you almost felt like you were getting to know him from a few seconds."



Source: YouTube

Tamayo's feathered friend might be upscaled in cuteness by another genial character, but this time he was invited to be part of the action.

A Clydesdale horse captured the heart of a little girl who attended a parade and decided to take a photo with the animal.

An adult snapped the shot which they later noticed was actually photobombed by the tall horse. He wore a goofy grin just above the girl's head. He also bent his neck at a wildly amusing angle. The photo quickly went viral online.

More recently in June, a cockatoo spent some time peering into a traffic camera down under in Australia. The Department of Transport shared the footage on Facebook. It was not the first time the bird had visited the camera.

One spokesperson reported that they sometimes had to shake it off it he wouldn't chew off the camera's cables.