Freddy Harteis' new girlfriend flaunts growing baby bump in heartwarming pictures

Monica Otayza
Jan 29, 2019
05:48 A.M.
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Freddy Harteis proudly shows off his girlfriend Linsey Toole's baby bump in their recent outing with a couple of friends.


Their pregnancy came as a surprise, just six months after he and Jeannie Mai announced their divorce. Harteis and the "The Real" co-host separated last year after a decade of marriage, mainly because of his desire to have children while Mai opted not to have any. 

In April, the "Hollywood Hunter" announced that his girlfriend Linsey Toole was pregnant after he shared a photo of himself on Instagram holding up a sign that said, "I love you, Daddy." 

Their pregnancy came as a surprise as it was announced just six months after he and Jeannie Mai revealed they were getting divorced. Harteis and the "The Real" co-host separated last year after a decade of marriage.


Source: Instagram

While he deleted his post soon after publishing it on the social media site, many were able to get screenshots of his photo and heartfelt caption. According to him, he has constantly been smiling due to "a beautiful woman who captured his heart." 


“If you’ve seen me in the last six months you have seen me not able to wipe a crazy grin off my face because of a beautiful woman who captured my heart. And, in the last four months, I have been walking on the clouds because of the thought of us having a miracle of our own and yesterday, my heart about burst out of my chest when we found out our precious child, would be our precious DAUGHTER.”


Ecstatic about becoming a father, Freddy did not stop there. He expresses how excited he is to hold and kiss his future daughter, and is looking forward to her being as beautiful as her mother, both inside and out. 

“I cannot wait to hold and kiss my sweet girl, she will be crazy beautiful like her mama. Inside and out! I am overwhelmed with excitement and hope for this beautiful little life on the way! I can’t help but be giddy about this miracle on her way! Daddy can’t wait to take you hunting little one:) xoxo.”

While Harteis may be focusing on his future, fans can’t help but  wonder why Jeannie Mai and Harteis had decided to get divorced. Many also wonder about the uncanny timing and imply he may have cheated on Mai however, their speculation has not been confirmed nor denied.


When they got married Mai had made it clear she did not want to have children and at the time he had agreed. However, as he got older, Harteis had a change of heart and his need for kids eventually took its toll on the relationship.

They decided to get divorced after the relationship became too strained. The divorce may have started amicably but it eventually turned ugly. Mai claimed the process turned because of money and ego which made the process more difficult than it needed to be.

“Knowing what I know now about who I married, I wouldn’t have married him,” Mai said, on an episode of ‘The Real’. As she started crying, she added, “It’s just crazy. You hear all the time that money can change people. Well, divorce can really change people. It’s just so weird because the one thing that he would always say back then is like, ‘You really, truly don’t know a person until they don’t get what they want.’ But I never thought he would be the one to prove that to me.” 


Jeannie Mai has decided to take good care of herself through the final stages of the divorce. She revealed that in the beginning she stopped eating regularly which made her weight fluctuate. However, she has since then started to take much better care of herself by eating better and going to the gym.