Woman harshly criticized for drinking beer out of a dead fish

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 23, 2018
02:13 A.M.
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Woman who drank beer out of a fish shares her experience


Aimee Lynn became famous for doing something unusual, and rather unsanitary.

She drank beer out of a fish's mouth. We've all heard about drinking champagne out of a slipper, or beer out of whatever recipient is available.

Some have drunk beer out of even odder containers on a dare or as part of hazing, but a fish is such a strange option that the video of Lynn's beer-guzzling has gone viral on Facebook.


"I was trying to breathe and not laugh at the same time so it was kind of awful to take in all the beer I guess."

Aimee Lynn, LadBible.com, 11th of August 2018.

It is unclear if Lynn caught that big fella herself, but her friends can be heard cheering and urging her on.

Lynn said that it was far from easy since the friend who was holding up the fish picked it up very high, and at one stage the fish's throat got stuck in hers.

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Lynn was struggling not to laugh, drink the beer and breathe at the same time, and was on the verge of choking.


Lynn posted the video on her Facebook page, captioned "#slamminsalmon", and has garnered over 3.6 million views.


Viewers' comments varied from disgust to amusement. Some showed concern for her health since it is well known that fish can carry parasites transmissible to humans.

Lynn expressed an interest in seeing other women do the same thing and spoke about starting a "#slamminsalmon challenge."


When she was asked why she had done it, the mother-of-one explained that she had been told she wouldn't be able to do it, and had not been able to resist the challenge.

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