Mom captures heartwarming moment little son plays with cute foal

A little boy and a young foal met for the first time and instantly took a liking towards each other, running around and hugging in this adorable video. 

According to Horse Spirit, a five-year-old boy and his mom went to the family stable where the mother introduced her son to the new foal. The foal was born last winter but the two had never met. 

The mother said that she never expected the two to click so easily and become best friends. She also reportedly said: 

"Ever since that day they have become more and more curious about one another." 

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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

In the video posted to Facebook, the little boy holds the foal affectionately and the foal reciprocates by resting on the boy. The sight of the two is touching. 

Then, the boy starts running and the foal joins him, frolicking around in the open space. The cuteness level of the two playing together is off the charts.

Source: FaceBook/ LADbible

The mother explained that she now regularly brings her son to the stable to play tag with his friend. When they visit, the little horse is much more likely to follow his little friend. 

The video now has over 16,000 shares and more than 65,000 likes on Facebook. It also has thousands of comments from persons who can't help but appreciate the heartwarming scene.

Source: YouTube

In August 2018, a motorist found a young foal who had gotten separated from his mother and was now stuck on the highway. The man relentlessly pursued the baby horse until he could get it over the barrier to the open field where his mother awaited. 

A less fortunate story occurred earlier this month. It involved a white horse being covered in paint by the students of the Equestrian Society's Riding School in Brazil. 

A teacher suggested that the students pursue the exercise that led to outrage from animal rights activists and a visit from the prosecutors for the Brazilian Institute of Environment.

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