Man allows little boy on the subway to play with his phone and it makes his day

A heartwarming video showed an NYC Subway passenger handing over his smartphone to a little boy who's eager to try out his gaming skills.

The touching moment was captured on camera by another passenger named Kia Tatiyana Davis in early August. Since then, it has restored faith in humanity to thousands online. 

The first few seconds of the clip showed a passenger as he sat with headphones in ears and smartphone in hand. 

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A little boy with a pink hat sat down next to him peering at the man's screen. His hands are clasped, and although he hasn't quite learned not to stare yet, he shifts his gaze when the man notices him looking.    

Before long, the man puts his hand on his mouth in thought, disconnects his headphones from the phone, and hands it over to the young boy.

It seemed the boy's patience and good behavior paid off. And the kind-heartedness of the man shines through in his thoughtful act towards the small stranger.

Davis posted the video to Facebook where it garnered over 700,000 views. A seemingly insignificant occurrence has touched nearly a million worldwide. 

Back in April 2018, a young boy did something he also was not obligated to do. Out of the kindness of his heart, Cody Reed lifted the spirits of a wheelchair-bound girl, Eliza, and her family. 

At an Easter Egg search party at their local zoo, Reed found the final golden egg of the game, which meant he could collect the special prize. Instead of doing that, however, he handed it over to Eliza and allowed her to reap the coveted reward.

And in late July 2018, one bartender went above and beyond his duties when a homeless man came into his bar. 

The homeless man was hesitant at first. But then he built up the courage to ask what a mere $2 could get him to eat as he was starving. It was all he had. 

The bartender, named Beck, offered the man a burger with a side of onion rings or fries. He also gave him water. The good Samaritan made poster Wilt's "heart smile." So did ours.

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