October 12, 2018

Frightened owl released from trap, but bird's reaction is pure gold (video)

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Craig Loving, a golf superintendent, decided to rescue a great horned owl that was tangled in a waste fishing line. 

Lost Creek Country Club, located in the Austin area, shared a video on it's Facebook page on March 18, 2017, that showed the owl stuck near the first tee box. 

The owl had been sitting in the same spot since the night before. A couple of employees of the club noticed that it had its wing trapped in a fishing line.

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When Loving came to work that morning, he found out about the owl situation and also heard that the staff was trying to find any wildlife experts but were none were available. 


Volunteering to rescue the owl himself, Loving put on his waders and sprang into action. 

Source: Freepik

The hard-working Loving went into the water with a pair of pliers and set about freeing the owl. He first cut the fishing line.


Loving noticed that the line was still wrapped around one of the poor bird's wings. With unhurried movements, the golf club employee closely inspected the wing. 

The owl was relatively calm and did not make much movement throughout the rescue mission, but it did keep “slamming” his beak down when Loving was trying to find the wire and untangle it. 

Source: Facebook / Lost Creek Country Club


"He kept slamming his beak down... but I kind of talked to it a little bit," said Loving in the video. 

After finally making sure that the bird was no longer stuck, the very patient Loving used the handle of a shovel to shift the great horned owl from its perch, safely brought it out of the water and put the owl on land. 

The owl stayed on alongside Loving for a few minutes after he was rescued and finally flew away. 


Loving said that even though the task seemed a little intimidating, particularly when the owl tried to bang his beak forward, he felt satisfied that he had set it free at last. 

Another video showed the unique friendship between a little girl and an owl when the two exchanged kisses and hugs with each other. 

The video was shared on YouTube on November 16, 2015, on a channel named Ciccipro2lavendetta. 

The little girl seems to adore the owl and showers her love and affection on it while the snowy owl looks cozy and comfortable at home. 


The owl's patient side is seen through the video when it allows the girl to kiss and hug him.

In another rescue operation, firefighters from Colorado did not have the slightest idea that the litter of puppies they rescued was not puppies, but baby foxes when they took the tiny creatures to a rescue shelter.

InsideEdition.com shared a report on March 19, 2018, on the rescue by the Colorado Springs Fire Department's firemen that was captured on film. The team pulled out eight pups that were trapped in a drain.

The officers assumed that the babies were black Labradors during the rescue mission, which took about 20 minutes. The puppies were taken to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

“They took them [to the shelter], and one of the vets in that location said, 'No, these aren’t Labradors, these are foxes,” Fire Captain Brian Vaughan told Inside Edition.com. He added the firemen were shocked by the news.