Hilarious moment dog mistook man's back for a fire hydrant and lifted his leg

A man was caught on tape getting frustrated at a dog after the animal urinated on him while he was resting on the street pavement.

The viral video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog, showed the man’s angered reaction as he makes a failed attempt to kick the dog. The video was taken by a street CCTV camera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The video begins with the man relaxing on the curb, completely engrossed by his phone. Just then a street dog strolls up behind him.

It takes a sniff at first, examining the man. Then somehow decides that the man’s backside is a perfect spot for it to urinate.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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It takes the man about two seconds to notice it. At first, he only pauses a little giving it a thought. Then he turns around a little to find the dog urinating on him.

That’s when he sprang up on his feet charging angrily at the dog. The dog seems equally scared by the man’s action as it takes a few steps away from the man. It manages to avoid an enraged boot coming its way.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

It runs away to a safe distance but continues on watching the man as if observing the aftermath of his action.

The man seems visibly frustrated but, since there is no one else to blame for it, simply takes off his shirt to examine the damaged caused by the dog. After observing his shirt and his body, he walks away out of the frame in utter disgust.

A report published on Pet MD informed that leg-lifting while urinating in both male and female dogs is a common phenomenon.

Dr. Betty McGuire, a senior lecturer at Cornell University, stated that lifting a leg is generally associated with ‘directing urine at a vertical object.’

These innocent canines often manage to make us laugh with their surprising action. In a similar story, another dog named Diamond surprised everyone with his impatience at waiting for his humans dining at a Subway outlet.

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