Amazing video of 4 kids performing Motown classics wins over millions of fans

Five elementary school children win the hearts of millions with their special tribute to Jackson 5 during their school performance.

Choreographed by Malinda Williams, their amazing dance performance was recorded and posted to YouTube, where it went viral and impressed millions of people watching it across the world.

Williams, who is a teacher at the Baldwin Hills Elementary, put together a musical event called "The Sounds of Motown" and spent weeks training her children to dance, sing, and get their costumes.

One of the most heartening performances in the event was delivered by students who danced to “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5. The boys even take the appearance of Michael Jackson as they take the stage.

Source: YouTube/maldub

Source: YouTube/maldub

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In the description to the video, the five boys were introduced. It stated ‘Jelani, Eugene, Ryan, Anthony, and Jalen paying tribute to The Jackson Five!’ before mentioning the choreographer of the performance, ‘Melinda Williams.’

The video has been adored by the internet. It has so far received over 2 million views and about 2,000 likes. More than 200 people took the time to praise the performance in the comments section.

Source: YouTube/maldub

Source: YouTube/maldub

One commenter stated that the performance was something that ‘just makes you stop and smile.’ Another commenter wrote, ‘Made me so happy watching this. These kids are awesome!’

Meanwhile, Uplifting Today reported that Williams is an elementary teacher who is a big fan of Motown artists such as Jackson 5 and The Supremes. She also loves to have fun because of her love for music and wants to bring out this same feeling in the children.

Unexpected dance performances coming from unexpected people have always engrossed the people on the internet.

In a similar incident, a video of a dentist performing Drake’s dance challenge went viral. The man from South Carolina, Dr. Rich Constantine, won the hearts of millions with his dance to the beats of “In My Feelings.”

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