Old lady gets back at man for being rude to her as she crosses the street

An old lady’s hilarious revenge on a man who lacks patience as well as respect for her age went viral on the internet.

The video uploaded to YouTube showed a few pedestrians quietly going about their day when they noticed an unusual sight at the nearby zebra-crossing.

An old lady was crossing the road when a driver, waiting for her to cross the road, gets impatient and starts loudly honking the horn of his car. His loud honking was so unexpected that it scared the old lady, who is seen visibly taken aback.

It was obvious that the elderly lady could not walk too fast because of her age and required a bit of a patient so that she could do things in her own time.

Source: YouTube/xtatic

Source: YouTube/xtatic

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However, the driver behind the wheels could not show her that respect. That’s why the lady decided to take it upon herself to teach the man a lesson about being respectful to the others.

She continued walking across the road, along with the zebra-crossing, at her own pace. But just as she approached right in front of the vehicle, she slammed her shopping bag hard into the car’s bonnet.

Source: YouTube/xtatic

Source: YouTube/xtatic

As a result, the vehicle’s safety system was activated and the air bag was released from the steering wheel. It burst out and slammed against the face of the unsuspecting driver behind the wheel.

As the pedestrians are heard laughing at the hilarious incident, the old lady continues to cross the road in a calm and unhurried manner, without even looking back.

Her decision to stand against the bullying of other is truly inspiring and worth encouraging. It should also serve as a big lesson for anyone, who lack patience and respect for the elderlies.

People are sometimes quick to discount the elderlies because of their age. However, there are several stories of their quick-thinking and wit that prove that they are not lagging behind others in any way.

Here is another similar story about a senior woman, who came up with a smart way of checking up on her health diagnosis in a hospital.

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