Dad shares the incredibly epic way he does his 2–year-old daughter's hair (video)

Zach Herren became a big hit when his wife posted the video of him demonstrating how he ties his two-year-old daughter’s hair.

Herren got creative the first time he did the unusual way he does his daughter’s hairstyle, which he has been calling the “Airplane Hairdo.”

While singing the famous “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, “Frozen,” Herren uses his feet to hold his daughter upside down as he lays on the floor.

He then grabs his daughter’s hair as he ties her golden locks into a ponytail with a hair tie.

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Herren’s daughter enjoys the whole experience and always sings along with her father.

Since the first time Herren did the airplane hairdo, his daughter refuses to tie her hair any other way.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

In fact, she would often ruin her hair on purpose so that she could get another ponytail session with her father.

Herren joked while speaking with Inside Edition that he probably has to head back to the gym if his daughter wants to keep on doing the special trick since she is getting bigger by the minute.

It all started when Herren was making the classic “airplane” move with his daughter when he noticed her hair had been hanging down. Later on, he asked his wife for a rubber band and started tying his daughter’s hair while holding her up with his feet.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Of course, his daughter loved it, and it became a special thing that only she and her father can do together.

Herren’s wife filmed one of their hair-tying moments and posted it on social media.

The couple was shocked at the response they received since the father and daughter have become a viral hit.

They also shared a couple of parenting hacks for other parents out there. They said the trick to accomplishing everyday tasks, such as hair tying, is to add a touch of fun.

Meanwhile, another father-daughter story became viral when a step-father decided to take his young step-daughter out on a date.

The man said he wanted to show his step-daughter how she should be properly treated by men when she grows older.

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