September 12, 2018

Black physician pulled a 26-hour shift helping people, but on his way home he heard insults

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A man from a working-class family, who saves lives, was insulted by someone on the road after working for 26 hours straight.

Bored Daddy shared the experience of a black man when he was walking towards his car.

The man was about 6’2” and of average build. He said that he was from humble backgrounds, growing up in a middle-class neighborhood.

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His parents had made sure he and his sister were taken care of, teaching them good manners. 

The man confessed that the only time he got into trouble was when he was in fifth grade because he was late for his class as h was cleaning up after the Art class. That, he said, was the worst trouble he has had in his life.


He became a surgical resident at a popular hospital after he had graduated from a Top 10 university.

The doctor confessed that he had noticed racism around him throughout his life. Once, a police officer pulled him over but never gave a clear answer. Sometimes the officers also lie that he was speeding.

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Once, a police officer stopped and frisked him. He later apologized saying that he matched the description of a criminal-on-the-run in that area. The only explanation he got was that the man was “black” and of “average build.”

On the day of the incident, the man had just concluded his 26-hour shift at the hospital. He revealed that the hours were longer than before as he was in the fourth year of residency.

The day turned out to be tough because he found out that a patient he had worked with since the start of his residency was declared “terminal” and would be moved to hospice care. He felt heartbroken and felt the four years’ worth of work getting erased.


When he was near the parking lot, a young man leaned out of his car and called out the N-word. 

It was loud; people around him heard the man insult the doctor. While most were in shock, others quickly got away from the embarrassment around them.

The doctor stopped and looked at the younger man in the car. He saw a sneer on his face and a piercing grin. The man, aged around 25, started making the sounds of a monkey and called the N-word again.

He wrote, “My mouth fell open. The guy mocked my expression; he feigned behavior like one of my patients suffering from severe mental retardation. He was trying to show me how he saw me.”


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The man said that there were quite a few things on his mind during the 45 seconds he was standing in the parking lot, his eyes fixed on the person in the car.


He felt a need to walk up to him and list all his accomplishments; he wanted to tell him about a science fair he won in eleventh grade by creating an efficient way for the school’s agriculture club to conserve energy. The project took him to a national conference.

The man continued his tirade against the physician calling the N-word five more times and laughing all the time. The doctor was not only angry at the man but also at the people on the road who did not say anything.

He decided to share his story with people on the internet because he wanted to tell everyone that “black people are strong, capable, smart.” He wrote that he was proud of his “Blackness,” his ancestors who were slaves. 


He added that black people could also be bad, some can be murderers or thieves or rapists.

However, all he was asking for him to be known as a human. He does not hate white people or anyone else in the world. He ended his letter saying, “But, God, I love me. And I want that to be enough.”

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Another letter written by a woman to AmoMama revealed that her father refused to attend her wedding as she was getting married to a black man.

The woman was shocked that such things happen even to this day and confused if she should go ahead with the wedding.

A music producer had a strange encounter at the Ronald Raegan Washington Airport. Emmit Walker was told by a Caucasian woman that she did not believe he had bought his first-class ticket.

She first told him that he could be standing in the wrong line which was meant for passengers with priority boarding. Even after he showed her his ticket, she refused to believe that he paid for the ticket himself.

Walker did not respond with anger. Instead, he gave a hilarious response that compelled onlookers to break into applause.