If you spot a similar brown patch in your lawn, please don’t touch it

Ontario Wildlife Removal warned people about a peculiar patch of dried grass that can show up in someone’s lawn.

The team found a patch of dried grass after receiving a call from a homeowner and decided to educate people about the right way of dealing with it if they come across something similar in their own homes.

Jared Houliston from Ontario Wildlife Removal shared the video on YouTube warning people to leave the dry patch alone if they saw one in their own lawns. He further requested them to check for rabbit nests if they are planning on mowing them.

Houliston showed tiny baby rabbits under the dried grass and revealed that they are hidden there safely by their mothers, so it was perfectly okay to let them be. In fact, Houliston insisted people to not interfere with the nest.

Source: YouTube/Love What Matters

Source: YouTube/Love What Matters

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The video further showed the tiny rabbits right under the surface of the homeowner’s lawn, from where he received the call in May 2017.

He explained that finding baby rabbits underground is not unusual. They are placed in the grass by their mothers so as to protect them, so they are perfectly safe in these nests.

Houliston explained that he has received several calls from people, who have found baby rabbits in their lawns. However, the mother of these rabbits is often not seen. This is because the mothers visit their children only once or twice per day to feed them, he informed.

Source: YouTube/Love What Matters

Source: YouTube/Love What Matters

During a conversation on CBC News, Houliston sadly stated that he also receives calls from people who miss the nests on their lawn and often hit baby rabbits with their lawn mowers.

So he warned everyone to properly check their lawn before working on them and running machines like a mower so that they wouldn’t harm the innocent animals.

"As the spring months come along, I get tons of calls saying 'I was just cutting my grass and I ran over a rabbit's nest,' I noticed I was receiving more and more of those calls,” CBC News quoted him as saying.

Rabbits look like tiny dots when they are just a baby but then quickly grow up, so they can be easy to miss when they are newly born.

His advice to the homeowners who find such nests on their lawn was to simply let them be. He explained that rabbits grow very fast and they move away on their own within just two weeks. So they need not be bothered by it.

Although it might be tempting to look at a perfectly trimmed lawn from one’s house window, it is also important to think about these innocent animals that make their temporary homes there.

If given time having rabbits around the house might not be such a bad idea. As another hilarious video revealed, a rabbit at your lawn can be a source of infinite joyous moments.

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