September 13, 2018

Jim Kelly’s wife shared first post about husband hours before difficult surgery

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Jill Kelly took to Instagram to share an important update on her husband’s health with a playful photo of the pair waiting at the hospital in New York City.

Jill shared a photograph showing the couple relaxing in the waiting room of the hospital posing for their fans with Instagram’s face filters on giving the situation a playful turn.

She shared that they awaited the completion of yet another procedure in Jim’s oral reconstruction. She also admitted that it was unbelievable how Jim could fight it. She attributed his ability to the grace of God and the prayers and well wishes of many others.

Jill revealed that she was committed to praying during her husband’s procedure and also invited her followers to submit their prayers so that she could pray on their behalf.



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‘I will be doing a lot of praying tomorrow as I wait for Jim to come out of recovery. If there’s anything you’d like me to pray about for you, please share below,’ she further wrote.

She concluded her message by praising the grace of God. ‘To God be the Glory,’ she wrote.


The Instagram post from Jill has been adored by the Instagram users. So far it has gathered over 3,000 likes and hundreds of people have taken time to comment their good wishes and prayers on the post.

The Kelly family has also been courageous and strong throughout their days of hardships by putting immense faith in God.

According to Western Journal, Jim has stated on a number of occasions that he makes peace with whatever God has in store for him.

He explained that he had nothing to complain about and would accept any fate. If tomorrow God would decide that it was going to be Jim’s last day, he would not be upset about it.