Parents spark outrage after filming their toddler playing with a giant python

A child's parents recorded their young boy playing with a giant python in East Java Province, Indonesia. 

Python attacks have become more prevalent according to Times Now. Experts say it is thanks to the expansion of oil palm plantations. But the playful boy in the video doesn't appear to be getting attacked by one. 

In the video, the child is continuously laughing while he uses the snake's large body as an armrest. Then he gets up and runs screaming joyfully to its head. 

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The clueless toddler lifts the animal's head to face him, then lets it down. He then attempts to raise its heavy neck but drops it down as well. 

The creature is nearly ten times the boy's size. But he looks to be blissfully unaware of the possible harm that would befall him if the snake chose.

Persons on social media are appalled by the entire scenario. Both the filming of it and the fact that it's the boy's parents who are behind the camera. 

Source: YouTube

Back in August, there was another little child, this time a 5-year-old girl, who was filmed with a large snake as well. 

The 13-foot yellow python is seen accompanying the young girl in an alleyway. Its body is elongated and its head is raised right up to the child's face. 

Source: YouTube

Towards the end of the video, it lowers its neck. One can hear the person behind the camera laughing as they record the shocking scene.

Taoka, who taped the video, has a YouTube channel which features the snake now and then. He has a very unique attitude towards the widely-feared creatures. 

Source: YouTube/Sonny and Cher Reticulated Pythons

Source: YouTube/Sonny and Cher Reticulated Pythons

He believes his children are safe and that "pythons are not bloodthirsty monsters." Rather, they are "often wrongly portrayed to cause panic and paranoia."

Taoka, who has two snakes, told Inside Edition, that they are obedient pets, gentle, and don even kill their meals. 

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