Internet community can’t recover because of Alex Trebek's unfamiliar look

Alex Trebek is ready for a return to long-running show "Jeopardy" for its 35th season. The beloved host is switching things up with a brand new look. 

78-year-old Trebek was filmed by the show's Instagram page. The stunning video featured unfamiliar facial hair on the long-time host. 

Fans got the glimpse as the host smiled into the camera with his dimpled face and greyed-out hair. But it was his moustache and beard that boggled their minds. 

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The post was uploaded ahead of the season premiered on Monday. It was captioned:

"It's time to embark upon a magical journey into Season 35! New episodes start today!"

Although the host is well into his later years, it still seemed magical that he would be wearing the greyed facial hair since he never has before. 

He explained on the show that he hoped the drastically different look wouldn't be a "distraction for our players." 

Reactions from followers mostly supported the beard. And in another Instagram post, the overwhelming majority voted to keep the beard on a side by side photo between the two looks.

The picture displayed Trebek's new look next to his usual clean-shaven appearance. "Jeopardy," reported that 71 per cent voted to "keep it" against 29 per cent who wanted Trebek to "lose it."

Trebek has been with the show for 34 years. In July 2018, he mentioned plans to finally retire from the Daytime gameshow. 

He told Fox News Channel that Alex Faust is his preferred replacement if he decides to leave in 2020 when his contract expires.

If that doesn't happen, Trebek also has CNN political analyst Laura Coates in mind. When Coates heard this, she tweeted that she is "incredibly honoured & humbled" that the star even knows who she is. 

But Trebek, who was sued in early July for his dog's near-attack on a woman, has said: "I've never gotten sick of the job." 

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