Students sing ‘Eye of the Storm’ in viral video ahead of Hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina

In the midst of the raging hurricane that threatened North Carolina, children from a private school calmed themselves through song.

A touching video of students singing “Eye of the Storm” as they lined up along their school’s corridors is making the rounds of the internet. In the clip posted on September 11 by the school’s cook, Paris Verne, the young kids were singing after “praying for everyone” who may be in harm’s way due to Hurricane Florence. 

The lyrics originally sang by Christian singer Ryan Stevenson echoed through the halls of the private school in Goldsboro as angelic voices chanted them.

“In the eye of the storm/ You remain in control/ And in the middle of the war/ You guard my soul”

According to Verne whose four children also go to the same school, she wanted to share the video to show the family of these children the moving scene that was happening that morning. 

“I simply posted the video so the Wayne Christian family that wasn’t there to witness it could see what the kids had done that morning because it was so moving.”

Verne didn’t realize her post would later be viewed 1.6 million times and shared at least 29,000 times. 

“I never thought in a million years it would have touched over 1.3 million people!!!  It's all God's work, he just used me to help!”

Even singer Stevenson got wind of the clip and shared it on his Facebook page. 

“As Im preparing to head to Virginia to begin my "Eye of the Storm Tour", I came across this post today...” 

“I'm so moved to see this entire school preparing for the hurricane; praying for others! Beyond humbled to play any role in spreading hope & comfort to people experiencing hardship! My thoughts and prayers with everyone in the path of Florence!”

Hurricane Florence touched ground in North Carolina in the early morning of September 14 as a Category 1 storm. More than 80,000 people reportedly suffered from a power outage and over 12,000 evacuated in shelters. Colleges and universities were canceled as the storm approached. Students began evacuating their schools as early as September 11.  

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