Angela Lansbury caught in the center of sexual harassment speculations

A scathing piece published on Hollywood Reporter has the internet wondering if Angela Lansbury was a victim of harassment. 

In her article, Linda Bloodworth Thomason explains how Len Moonves, a former CEO of CBS, ruined her career for several years. 

She said in her personal experience, harassment isn't always sexual but could take other forms as well. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa

However, she mentions an actress in her article who had an unpleasant interaction with Moonves, and many thought she referred to Angela Lansbury. 

Thomason wrote

"I would hear how he had invited a famous actress to lunch in the CBS dining room. Coming off the cancellation of her iconic detective show, the star began pitching a new one."

The unnamed actress was told that she was "too old to be on his network." She was devastated by this news. 

As she got up to leave, Moonves took her by the shoulders, saying he can't let her leave like that, and then "shoved his tongue down her throat."

Lansbury's "Murder, She Wrote" was canceled in the nineties and many netizens believed that she fit the description. 

They also found a quote from Moonves from 2011, when he said Lansbury was the sexiest woman when he joined the network but thankfully that changed over the years. 

Since Thomason's article made headlines, her husband had a message for all those who were asking if the article referred to Lansbury. He tweeted

"It was someone great but not Angela!"

Six other women have also accused Moonves of sexual harassment; four of them accused him of "forcible touching and kissing."

Two said they were physically intimidated by him, or that he threatened to ruin their career if they "rejected his advances."

He has since admitted in a statement that there were times when he "may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances."

In response to that, Thomason wrote

"Like a lot of women in Hollywood, I am happy to dance on his professional grave. And not just any dance — this will be the Macarena, the rumba, the cha-cha and the Moonwalk. You get the idea."

The entertainment industry has been tipped on its head since well-known media executives and celebrities were accused of sexual misconduct. 

It began with Harvey Weinstein back in 2017. He has since turned himself in to the police for charges related to sex crimes. 

Earlier this year, Matt Lauer also lost his anchor job at Today when several colleagues spoke out about the abuse they suffered at his hands. 

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