Man tries to withdraw some cash but suddenly he notices $500 in the ATM

Rebelander Basilan
Sep 25, 2018
09:37 A.M.
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Bobby Puryear, from California, went through the drive-thru ATM at his bank to withdraw some cash. However, he noticed that there was $500 still in the ATM.


In November 2015, Puryear took to his personal Facebook account to share about stumbling across some money at the ATM. Follow us on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, to learn more.

"Yesterday I went to the drive thru atm at my bank as I was putting my card in I noticed where the money comes out of that there was money in it, I reached down and took it, it was $500.00," he wrote.

Puryear then decided to took the money and returned it to the bank instead of keeping it for himself. Though he already explained how he discovered the $500, neither the teller nor the manager was sure what to do with it.

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When Puryear suggested checking the person who used the ATM before him, they took his name and number.

Puryear received a call from the bank manager the following day. The manager informed him about the person who accidentally left the money in the ATM.


It turned out to be a 92-year-old lady named Edith. She was very thankful that Puryear had found and returned the $500.

"She was taking the money out for rent, her rent was $480.00 and she wanted to give me the twenty dollars that was left for a reward, it was all the money she had for the rest of the month," Puryear said in his Facebook post.


"I told her [absolutely] not and to have a great day. After I got off the phone I got to thinking about it, twenty dollars to last her the rest of the month."

He added, "I called the bank manager and told him to transfer $200.00 from my acct to hers a co worker heard what I was doing and said he would chip in $100.00, about a hour later the bank manager called me and told me that he told all the tellers what I did and they came up with another 300.00 to go with the other money for Edith."


Puryear's simple act of kindness had attracted media attention around the world.

He later posted another Facebook post, saying many people were contacting him because they were very inspired by his good deed.


"I am stunned with the amount of friend request I am getting just from doing what's right, I must live in a bubble because I just thought most people would do the Same thing," Puryear wrote.

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