Kayakers found a sea turtle caught in net and immediately rushed to save her

Kayakers help our ocean creatures.

Off the coast of Gran Canaria of the Canary Island, two kayakers come across floating netting and polystyrene while paddling. 

Trapped in the netting is a sea turtle, wrapped around his body.

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The netting seems not to be the kind that fishers use for their catches, but a regular kind.

Kayakers posts a video where the debris can be seen floating in the water, and one get a sense of the damage trashing our oceans can do.

They approach the turtle, lifting it out of the water they start cutting off the net using a small knife.

Holding him securely while they cut off the netting, once done they put him back into the water.

He swims away better off after the encounter, his life saved by the kayakers.

The video shows how the kayakers went to work at freeing the turtle from the net and other floating debris.


Another recent report of turtles being saved comes from Maimi River.

Friends were walking by the water edge and saw something out of the ordinary.

Upon closer inspection, they saw it was two turtles, chained together by the top of their shells. To see how the story unfolds go to Turtles are rescued and freed after being chained together.


In Tobago, students in their second year of biological science at Cardiff University School of Biosciences came across a tangled leatherback turtle while on a field excursion. 

This species normally range the open ocean, only coming on land when the female lays her eggs', always returning to the same spot yearly.

Leatherback turtles are highly endangered. The following article has more information. Field course students rescue endangered turtle.

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