Toddler and disabled dog display an adorable friendship that will melt your heart

Sep 25, 2018
07:53 A.M.

Not even the dog’s disability can stop her from being friends with her owner’s toddler. Up to this day, the connection between the dog and the child remains unbreakable despite the circumstances.


A Great Dane named Echo was supposed to be euthanized when she was just a puppy because she is both deaf and blind.

The poor pup was neglected at 12 weeks old, but luckily, a kind-hearted lady named Marion Dwyer decided to rescue Echo and took her in.

Dwyer brought her home with her in New York, around the Niagara Falls area.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


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Dwyer cared for Echo as much as she could. With her disabilities, she needed all the attention and care that she could get.

Eventually, Dwyer found out that she was expecting a baby girl.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


Echo must have sensed the special connection between her and the baby since she surprisingly gave so much attention to Dwyer’s belly.

Even before the infant was born, the Great Dane knew that she was destined to become friends with the tiny tot.

Soon enough, baby Jennie was born. Echo was instantly attached to her the moment they first met.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


As months went by, Jennie was growing up to become an adorable toddler and she was also becoming inseparable with Echo.

The pair loved to do everything together, from eating to snuggling and playing.

As soon as Jennie learned how to walk on her own, she insisted on holding the Great Dane’s leash during their outdoor walks.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


It was during that moment when their friendship gained attention on social media.

Dwyer captured a video of her daughter and the dog during one of their walks and uploaded it online in 2017. Almost immediately, the toddler and the dog became viral.

At the time, Jennie couldn’t speak yet, and since Echo is deaf, the pair only communicates through touch.

Although their form of communication was unconventional, it was clear that they truly trusted each other.

Jennie and Echo’s friendship just shows that no disability can hinder a bond between a dog and a human.


In another story, an English bulldog named Lola also became close with her owner’s daughter, Harper.

The mother found out that Harper was going to be her first and last child. She was devastated that she couldn’t give her child a sibling.

Luckily, her trusted dog came to the rescue. Since Harper was born, the friendship between the baby and the dog bloomed, and they have formed a special connection.

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