French Bulldog really wants to get on the couch and his pleading goes viral

Aby Rivas
Sep 28, 2018
03:09 P.M.

Alice, the French bulldog, became a viral sensation a few years ago when her owner posted a hilarious video of the pup asking to get on the couch and even arguing her case when her owner wasn’t budging.


The adorable Frenchie stole hearts all over the internet with her big pleading eyes and her whining. In the video, Alice is seen standing on two feet while resting her head on the couch, where her owner was already resting. The pup was not allowed on the furniture, and the owner was trying to teach her that.

Source: YouTube/hamisdo4

Source: YouTube/hamisdo4


However, the pup didn't have it. She wanted to rest on the couch too, and so she started to manipulate her human with her adorable smushy face and big brown eyes. Alice moved all along the couch, trying to jump on it but being unable to do it while making pleading noises.

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At one point, the puppy realized her sounds were not causing the desired effect, and so she resorted to the next move: argue her case. Alice started to make some noises that sound like she’s defending her case with strong arguments, angrily snapping at her owner for daring to leave her alone on the ground.

Source: YouTube/hamisdo4

Source: YouTube/hamisdo4

After the video stops, the puppy was eventually allowed on the couch, otherwise “the concert would have gone on.”


People had some mixed reactions on the comments of the video. While some praised the owner for standing firm in not letting the pup into the sofa, others found the video "cruel," stating that the pup was clearly in distress. Read some of the comments below:

Source: YouTube/ hamisdo4

Source: YouTube/ hamisdo4

Source: YouTube/ hamisdo4

Source: YouTube/ hamisdo4

A few months later, Alice’s human experimented by showing his dog the viral video that made the Frenchie famous all over the world. In the clip, which also became viral, Alice is resting on the couch while her human press play on the video on his PC.


When she hears her whining on the video, her ears perk up, and she eventually stands up and seems to be listening attentively to the video. To her human’s surprise, once puppy Alice starts her arguing in the video, the dog follows her younger self and starts whining alongside the video.

Her owner and the rest of the world could do nothing else but laugh at the Frenchie’s hilarious ways.


According to several studies, and French bulldog owners’, jumping on and off a high sofa can be damaging for this breed’s spine. They can often suffer from genetic diseases like Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), which is a common condition among French bulldogs.

To avoid Frenchie’s to stress their spine and muscles of their back, experts recommend using ramps or steps from puppyhood so that the dog doesn’t spend a lifetime hurting themselves progressively by jumping from furniture.


Another famous French bulldog is Keeva, who stole hearts all over the internet thanks to her unlikely friendship with Peanut, a rescued piglet.

Peanut was being raised to be eaten, but Keeva's family rescued him from living in a tiny cage. The pair created a tight bond almost immediately, and now they're the best of friends.

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