Video of baby girl having salon talk while brushing her mother's hair goes viral

An adorable 1-year-old girl was playing the stylist with her mother when they got involved in salon talk. The amusing video has now gone viral, as people love how the girl eloquently repeats what her mother says and answers as a hair stylist would do.

Little Jayde is stealing hearts all over social media with her communication skills at 1-year-old. The cute tot was caught on video by her mom while they played like they were in a salon, and her sassy chit-chat has fans melting with her cuteness.

Kerry Robinson turned her daughter into a star without overthinking it. The young mom took to Snapchat to document a cute mommy-daughter moment she was having with her girl, but she never thought the clips would a nationwide audience.

In the video, little Jayde is shown brushing her mother’s hair on their living room. With Kerry sitting on the floor to be at her daughter’s reach, and Jayde using only her diapers while getting engaged on her task at hand.

Trying to add more fun to the situation, Kerry started to talk to Jayde like one would do at the salon, where women usually open up to their hairstylists as if they were best friends.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan after her video went viral,  Robinson explained that she was trying to settle Jayde down because she was “bouncing all around the house.”

"So I was like, 'Here, Jayde, just brush mommy’s hair.”

Kerry began engaging Jayde in conversation, and the adorable tot showed her eloquence by responding to her mother’s stories. She would repeat phrases like “he tripping, right,” “he crazy,” and “and then what happened,” totally nailing the girl talk.

Jayde, says Robinson, is a unique, pretty smart child. She was never baby talked, so is normal for her to try and reply to adults like if she was one.

"Her dad has never done baby talk with her. I started off trying to baby talk her, and her dad wanted me to talk to her like she's an adult. She's really verbal, so she retains everything we say and repeats it back to us. You have to be super careful about what you say around her because she remembers everything.”

Jayde has already earned lots of fans on the internet, and her mom keeps on posting adorable videos reveal of the girl sassing her father or even singing Kendrick Lamar’s hit “Humble.”

When Kerry told her daughter their video had reached the 15 million mark in views, she said the little girl replied with “I’m famous!.”


Another child that became quite the viral sensation was a toddler who was recorded by his mother in the exact moment he got to know the difference between a wig and his mom’s hair.

The little tot was playfully playing with his mom hair’s, gently pulling on it until she noticed her wig was about to fall off. But instead of fixing it, the woman decided to start recording and see her son’s reaction, and the result is hilarious.

When the toddler is left standing with his mom’s black wig, on one hand, he looks confused and scared for a second before he tries to return the hair to his mom, clearly worried and in shock. His mom, meanwhile, can do nothing else but laugh uncontrollably at her sons’ hilarious reaction.

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