Meghan Markle and Prince Harry cuddle some adorable dogs during their Sussex visit

Photos from the Duke and Duchess' first official visit in Sussex reveal their love for dogs as they paid attention to a couple of them in the midst of a crowd.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just delighted the residents of their dukedom, Sussex and even their dogs when they made their first official visit this week. Photos from their tour reveal the royal husband and wife bending down to pet a couple of pooches. 

It’s no secret Meghan and Harry are dog lovers. They just welcomed one in their family in August and he’s been joining them in their country getaways.  Meghan, who has two rescue dogs, Guy and Bogart, also transported them from her home in Toronto when she moved to London. And as much as Queen Elizabeth approves of the new duchess, so do her dogs apparently. Reports suggest the Queen’s corgis are very fond of Meghan, a contrast to Harry who never got on their good side.

But Harry isn’t worried because other dogs love him, particularly the one he affectionately petted during his recent visit to Sussex. While greeting well-wishers lined on the street, the Duke of Sussex stooped down to stroke the chin of a large dog. His wife, likewise inserted her hand through the barricade to touch a black dog. 

Meghan’s Sussex outing also drew attention to her “Suits”-inspired outfit that reportedly cost £4,000. She wore a cream cashmere coat from Giorgio Armani over a silk dark green top by And Other Stories. Though she admitted in 2016 that she was a fan of vegan leather, it appears she ditched that thought on this occasion as she wore a green lambskin leather pencil skirt by Hugo Boss to match her blouse. She completed her look with nude pumps and a hairstyle reminiscent of the one she sported during her wedding reception. 

The royal couple’s Sussex engagements come in the heels of Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle’s recent apology. The outspoken Markle granted an interview on “Jeremy Vine’ during her trip to London and surprised everyone by attempting to make amends with the duchess. She’d been bashing her sister ever since the royal wedding in May but she was remorseful during her recent interview saying she wished “things could be different.” Samantha admitted she was hurt by her family’s exclusion from the royal wedding which prompted all the hate and she understands too why Meghan would refuse to speak to them today given the hurtful events that transpired after her wedding. She’s hopeful her apology would allow them to move on and let bygones be bygones. 

Meghan has not responded to Samantha’s apology. 

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