Caring mother goose brought policeman to her baby chick in need of help

Officer James Givens was patrolling around Cincinnati two years ago when a mother goose "asked" for his help. 

He had been with the local department for nearly three decades and never in that time had he been "accosted" by an animal before. 

Givens told The Dodo that the goose came up to his car and began pecking the side of the vehicle. At first, he thought she was just hungry. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The adorable video of Givens' interaction with the goose can be viewed below. 

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Givens threw some food out the window, but the goose wasn't even interested in that. She kept attacking his vehicle. 

After a while, she walked away but stopped to look back at him. When he didn't respond, she walked up to him again, walked away again and looked back at him. 

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Source: YouTube/James Givens

This time, he followed the goose. And good thing he did, because she led him straight one of her ducklings. 

It was all tangled up in a piece of string, and the poor little guy was kicking and thrashing against his constraints. 

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Givens called the SPCA, but there was nobody to assist at that time, and his colleague Cecilia Charron came to his aid. 

She carefully untangled the little duckling with the mother worriedly observing from a safe distance. 

Source: YouTube/James Givens

Source: YouTube/James Givens

When the ordeal was over, and her baby was safe by her side again, the pair waddled back to the lake to rejoin his siblings. 

Givens was cautious because geese, despite being able to adapt so quickly to urban surroundings, have a reputation for being mean.

They often charge when someone enters their territory and authorities in Canada had to deal with cases of broken noses and broken ribs due to geese attacks. 

A man from Sherwood Park was recently attacked by a goose after he tried to help her gosling cross a busy road. 

Geese are highly protecting of their young and will be aggressive if there are nests nearby. They are merely very protective parents. 

If you are the unfortunate victim of a goose attack, maintain direct eye contact and keep your chest pointed in the goose's direction. 

Retreat calmy, if you can, and act as natural as possible. If you make loud noises or act hostile in any way, the goose will attack. 

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