People hear strange buzz in the wall & realizing they are in danger, call the specialists

Aby Rivas
Oct 11, 2018
11:53 P.M.
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David Glover, known as “The Bartlett Bee Whisperer,” has been capturing and relocating bees since 2009. Last month, he received a call from a family in Germantown that was tired of the constant buzz coming out of their wall.


With so many years in the field, you’d think Glover can’t be easily impressed, but this case exceeded his expectative and turned him into a viral sensation all over the internet. The unidentified owner of a residential home in Germantown, nearby Memphis, had been dealing with a swarm of bees for quite some time.


First, she called an exterminator, but to no avail. The bees just kept surrounding her windows and making a buzz on one of her outside walls. Until Glover came into the picture.


When he arrived at the scene, Glover had no idea what he was facing, but he quickly ubicated the beehive in the area just below a window in the brick-façade structure of the house. He realized that the bees were getting in and out through a small hole in the corner of the window and a gap between the bricks.


After taking an infrared image of the are behind the bricks, Glover realized the enormous task he had ahead. The red area signalizes the brood area, while the orange line in the upper right shows the entrance through the bricks.

He realized that he had to remove the bricks to get a hold of the honeycomb, so then proceed to prep the area to avoid the bees from swarming out of the holes. The whole process took him almost 5 hours to complete.



He set to work carefully removing the bricks and realized that, fortunately, the hive wasn’t attached to them but to a foam padding that was glued to the concrete wall. Glover said the honeycomb was one of the “largest single pieces of comb” he's ever seen. It was roughly 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall.


Glover doesn’t only capture bees; he also relocates them to beekeepers in the close areas that need to repopulate their own colonies. He carefully transferred the honeycomb and its 13 queen bees piece by piece into the temporary hive.


Some stray bees were not pleased by the movement though, and at some point, he had a considerable cluster on his shoulder, but Glover had the necessary equipment to avoid any injury. After successfully removing the entire honeycomb, he placed a “nuclear box” to capture any bees that were out.


His step by step post on Facebook of this case has gathered more than 85k reactions, and 100k shares from fascinated people that praise Glover’s work. While his YouTube video has more than 500k views.


Like Glover, there are thousands of beekeepers around the world, and one particular expert from the U.K became quite the viral sensation too after a terrifying video that shows a colony of almost 40.000 bees in the roof a house swarmed the internet.


Adam Strawson vacuumed up the insects which are later transported to an apiary nearby. The job took him almost 8 eight hours to complete.

He said:

"I was amazed by the sheer size. On our initial site visit, we expected the colony to be relatively small, covering an area of around 12 inches square (which was the original hole we cut)."

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