Former circus elephants reunited after 20 years apart and their amazing reaction goes viral

Shirley and Jenny, former circus elephants, were reunited after being apart for 22 years. It was an amazing moment to see the two of them still recognize each other after many years.

In 2000, PBS featured the story of the two elephants as they were brought together in Tennessee at the Elephant Sanctuary.

During their reunion, the keepers couldn’t help but become emotional as they witnessed such a heartwarming moment between Shirley and Jenny.

It was a rare feeling to see two elephants recognize each other as soon as they locked eyes despite being separate for many years.

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

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In a tear-jerking moment, Jenny and Shirley wrapped their trunks around each other as it was their version of a loving embrace.

After the documentary was aired, many online users gave attention to Shirley and Jenny’s story.

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

According to the keepers, the two elephants were very happy to have been reunited. They lived each day in pure bliss within the safe borders of the sanctuary. After many years of loneliness, they were finally happy.

Unfortunately, not all good things last. In 2006, the sanctuary revealed that Jenny had passed away after struggling with an illness for such a long time. During her weakest state, she was surrounded by her caregivers, as well as Shirley.

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

When Jenny passed, it took a toll on Shirley. The sanctuary director, Carol Buckley, said, "It was very hard and especially hard on Shirley." 

She added that Shirley refused to eat her food for two days following her dear friend’s death.

Shirley and Jenny’s story only proves how elephants are not that different from humans when it comes to emotions. They also feel joy and grief.

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

Source: YouTube/ EVOLVE Campaigns

Interestingly, elephants are one of the few non-human animals that follow a ritual when one of their kind dies. Most of the time, these animals hold vigils and practice fasting.

Nowadays, Shirley is still at the sanctuary and has been quite happy with the other rescued elephants that have arrived through the years. Still, the memories of Jenny remains in her heart.

Meanwhile, another elephant became viral after its rescue. After 50 years in captivity, wherein he was forced to work for hours daily, an organization called Wildlife SOS finally rescued the elephant named Raju.

Raju was delighted to be saved that he cried as the people were removing his chains, as seen in the viral video.

The same thing happened to Bandit the bull when he was finally set free after being chained his whole life.

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