Prince Harry made Duchess Meghan laugh hysterically with his cheerful dancing

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were warned beforehand about the humidity and possibility of flies and mosquitoes in the city of Dubbo, Australia. The prince was ready for any likelihood as they met members of the Flying Doctors on an airfield runway.

While a representative of the Royal Flying Doctor Service gave a speech, she was seen swatting away at flies. Harry took it upon himself to create a fly swatting dance that had Meghan in stitches.

On Wednesday, Ruth Sandow, a representative of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, delivered a speech about the group’s importance to remote Australia. Her speech didn’t go as smoothly as she kept swatting flies away.

Prince Harry jumped into action with his own version of the “Aussie salute.” This is where Australians wave their hands in front of their faces to keep away flies.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. His quick movements looked like some weird dance that had his wife in hysterics.

Even Sandow couldn’t help but laugh. The Royal couple learned more about the aviation organization's provision of emergency health services for people living in remote areas.

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Source: YouTube/TODAY

They were also given a crash course in maternity from the Royal Flying Doctor Service. A mannequin in “labor” was used for the demonstration.

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Harry and Meghan officially announced on Monday that they were expecting. The announcement came five months after their wedding.

It roused speculation that the child might have been conceived on their mini-honeymoon to Dublin or at a friend's wedding. Their child will be born next year during the springtime.

On the same day they announced their pregnancy news, the couple received their first baby gift. Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife, Lady Lynne Cosgrove welcomed the couple with a reception at Admiralty House in Sydney, Australia.

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Source: YouTube/TODAY

A video showed the governor handing Meghan a toy kangaroo with a baby joey in its pouch. They also gave them a pair of brown fleece Ugg booties.

The Duchess was heard exclaiming:

“That’s so cute, it’s our first baby gift!”

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