Parents decide to change the gender of their child just months after birth

After celebrating the birth of their baby boy, a South Africa parent were shocked to find a month later that their child was actually a girl.

In the rare incident, baby Kenneth Hiscock appeared to have male genital at the time of the birth as confirmed by the doctors, but later it was later discovered that there had been a big confusion.

The baby’s 29-year-old mother, Madeleshia, and her 30-year-old husband, Kenneth, had already announced their family and relatives about the birth of a baby boy before the big revelation was made.

When the parents brought the baby back at the hospital after sensing something wrong, the baby was put through several series of tests and diagnosis. Doctors then declared that Kenneth was actually a girl. Following the revelation, the baby’s name was quickly turned to McKenzie.

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

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Doctors explained that McKenzi was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which is an enzyme deficiency that can cause abnormal male hormone production.

The condition caused enlarged genitals in the baby, which led the doctors to initially determine the baby’s sex as boy.

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

“We were just stunned, in utter shock. I had no idea what to say - it seemed so unreal. It just didn't make any sense,” Madeleshia later explained to the Daily Mail.

She further added that even before the birth, during the ultrasounds, it felt to her like her baby’s sex was changing ‘every other minute.’

After her first few ultrasounds, the doctors had told Madeleshia that they were expecting a little girl. However, at their fourth ultrasound, it was again informed that their baby was actually a boy.

Madeleshia told Daily Mail that she did not expect this to be a problem following the baby’s birth. The family was excited about having a boy after having a daughter, Zadeleshia, as their firstborn.

There have been several instances of children being born with unexpected and rare conditions. While some conditions can be treated medically following the birth, there are other cases where the babies struggle for their very survival.

Previously, another family also suffered a similar mix-up. However, it included an exchange of babies themselves rather than their gender.

Richard and Mercy Cushworth gave birth to their baby son, Moses, in Mercy’s home country, El Salvador. But following a brief time spent with their son, he was taken away to the nursery.

When the nurses returned the baby the next day, the couple never noticed that their baby was accidentally exchanged with another baby in the nursery.

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