Mother, 19, 'googled ways to kill infants before drowning son in bath to stop crying'

The mother of an infant baby said she changed her mind after drowning her own child. She tried to give her CPR but the child had already died.

In Chandler, Arizona, Jenna Folwell called 911 at about 1:30 p.m on Wednesday from Brooks Crossing Park. According to 12 News, she made a report that someone had abducted her child.

Folwell explained that someone had put a bag over her head when she was placing her baby in the car seat. The police arrived and searched high and low for the four-week-old. They did not find him nearby.

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Instead, they found her at Folwell's Dobson Road and Loop 202 apartment. The child was deceased in a black duffel bag.

Officers took Folwell's mobile phone. They discovered over 100 searches that centered around infanticide. "Ways to die instantly" and "missing babies cases" were among them.

Additionally, she had looked for information on how long it would take a baby to drown.

In custody, Folwell retracted her initial report. She conceded she had lied. Then she claimed she was giving her son a bath and fainted. When she regained consciousness, her son had died according to her.

Investigating officers then confronted Folwell with the web searches on her device. That's when she confessed to murdering her child.

She admitted that she had drowned her son in order to avoid hearing him cry. She explained that she put him in the tub and let him go. After a minute, she said, she regretted her decision and attempted to give him CPR but it was too late.

She put the child in a duffel bag and took a walk in the park because she felt bad. Folwell is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond at the Maricopa County Jail with a charge of first-degree murder.

The child's father, Eric Canku, spoke to He had seen his son the day before.

In emotional agony, he said:

"I will never get to have any firsts with my son...I won't be able to watch him play catch or go fishing. I won't be able to even take him to school. She took away my life with Rainer the moment she took his life...she could have reached out to me or my family and we would have taken sole custody."

Later, the 19-year-old held onto a onesie as he told CBS 5:

"She took away the best thing in my life. There's nothing that can ever replace him, and this is the last thing I have of his memories."

He was thinking what anyone would in such as horrific case:

“I just don't know what kind of person would do that to an innocent child. I want her to have a life without parole. She can live every day knowing what she did to the poor innocent child.”

He also spoke of the previous day:

“I had talked to her [Folwell] the day before the murder. I picked him up at her house and I fed him a bottle and she was talking to me about how she was making a payment plan for our medical bill for [when he was born].”

He added:

"She seemed perfectly fine; she was smiling and she was just staring at him and little did I know that would be one of the last times I would get to hold him. I don't know if she was just hiding everything from me but she was happy, she was smiling. She was a good person; I never expected her to hurt a fly. This is just insane."

Folwell is currently the only suspect of the case according to Detective Seth Tyler.

Source: YouTube/ Duffer Entertainment

Source: YouTube/ Duffer Entertainment

In another heartbreaking case, a mother in Brazil was filmed putting her one-day-old baby in a litter tray. The 25-year-old is seen in the clip walking across the street with the baby in a blanket.

She goes over to a litter tray and dumps the child. Later, residents were said to hear someone crying. They found the child along with her umbilical cord attached.

Source: YouTube/ Viral Home

The woman's colleagues called police after noticing her dramatic weight loss at work. They arrested her and police reached out to the woman's family to see if relatives could take the child in.

They are investigating the case and will determine if the woman is to be charged with attempted infanticide.

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