Little girl stole Meghan's attention by reaching out to her maternal senses

On the final day of Prince Harry and Meghan’s tour, they spent time on the little things that made a big difference to those in Rotorua, New Zealand.

The last day of the royal couple’s tour arrived and The Duke and Duchess went on their last public walkabout in Rotorua, New Zealand, greeting the many fans that started queuing hours before the royal couple’s arrival.

Signs were held up by many in the crowd, one saying ‘Fancy a cuppa Megs? I have banana bread,’ while another one read ‘Hello your royal bumpness.’

As the royal couple moved along greeting fans, one little girl crept through the railings to meet Meghan, and she gave the two-year-old a warm hug.

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A young royal fan caught Prince Harry’s attention, she was wearing a shirt that read ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ and he called Meghan over to meet her. One person in the crowd can be heard saying that they felt she looked a bit like Meghan and she replied:

“I was literally about to say the same thing!”

Prince Harry took a fan’s phone and snapped off a photo of Meghan with her mini-me, something the Prince rarely does. The couple then went on to start their last day with a formal pōwhiri and luncheon and went on to meet two little kiwi chicks while a third hatched moments before their arrival.

The people at the hatchery then asked the Royals to choose names for the baby birds. They will end the day with a visit to the Redwoods Tree walk Rotorua, a long walkway of suspension bridges between 117-year-old Redwood trees.

A special moment came to pass during the royal couple’s public walkabout in Auckland on the third day of the couple’s tour of New Zealand. Hannah Sergel was part of a huge group of fans, but she wasn’t just any fan. In 2015 Hannah had helped set up a Meghan Markle Daily Twitter account before Meghan became royalty.

Hannah and Meghan used to message on Instagram and she shared her battle with mental health with Meghan, who sent her a video message among other messages encouraging her to work hard at university.

20-year-old Hannah held up a sign that read, ‘It’s Hannah from Instagram.’ Meghan spotted the sign and immediately recognized Hannah, her stunned reaction got captured as she mouthed ‘Oh my god’ as she rushed over to greet Hannah before giving her a big hug.

Hannah said she was left ‘so shaky and flustered’ after the encounter, but it meant the world to her. She said that Meghan told her she would read the letter Hannah had given her and thanked her for getting in touch.

Hannah felt grateful for the chance in finally being able to meet Meghan while the tears flowed. The New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern herself comforted Hannah and sent her a photo of Meghan’s reaction to seeing her in the crowd through private message.

With the royal couple’s tour practically over, they won’t have many more opportunities to break royal protocol as they did during their tour, and specifically during their last day as Prince Harry used a fan’s phone to take pictures of Meghan posing with a fan, and all the hugging that took place. Both acts against protocol.

Source: GettyImages

Source: GettyImages

Meghan Markle, in particular, broke just about every royal protocol during her first royal tour with Prince Harry. The habit of having her hands in her pockets, kicking off her shoes while on the beach, the hugging and posing for pictures with fans are all not allowed.

Prince Harry was not far behind as he also hugged and posed for pictures with some fans. It may be against protocol, but their kindness and genuine show of interest earned them a loyal following.

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